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  • 68
  • 89



04:15 pm
  • 44
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  • 03
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GD Satta King gives you access to all the record of live Satta charts from 1966 - till date, for all the five games named as Desawar Satta Gali, Gaziabad Satta, Goldstar Satta Record, Gali Satta and Faridabad Satta. Simply select the month and year from the search box & Satta King live chart will be right in front of you.


November 2022

01 Nov 20 62 70 13
02 Nov 47 94 32 83 04
03 Nov 91 10 80 07 03
04 Nov 02 80 62 71 27
05 Nov 42 56 63 11 04
06 Nov 64 59 42 51 42
07 Nov 41 63 33 96 69
08 Nov 41 13 27 57 38
09 Nov 90 05 77 26 90
10 Nov 18 06 21 69 02
11 Nov 83 24 40 88 60
12 Nov 81 55 89 85 05
13 Nov 70 66 71 21 84
14 Nov 67 65 00 27 83
15 Nov 20 23 09 79 76
16 Nov 38 54 05 25 04
17 Nov 70 30 62 84 15
18 Nov 34 14 25 81 23
19 Nov 09 84 93 73 95
20 Nov 86 80 84 99 90
21 Nov 99 18 30 59 33
22 Nov 44 94 81 03 69
23 Nov 30 52 48 63 84
24 Nov 98 33 04 79 66
25 Nov 51 73 73 03 04
26 Nov 68 44 03 83 24
27 Nov 89
28 Nov



2022 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
02 7156923535982848656647
03 5317662528799546758191
04 1108596697017530495502
05 8163305325466573895242
06 3386692113056118039164
07 7767531224794793828241
08 3940507722376932753041
09 4707643124079669731590
10 5438127101474120498718
11 7725954970789682794383
12 7603479995216313667781
13 2858380784176982329370
14 3892941598652827541967
15 7226849903135078091220
16 3198408675716052607838
17 5415106943608393155770
18 3844629207214276159134
19 5824986152242709135909
20 4677895217354183664586
21 1829316850615949242899
22 4942598334859336157644
23 4143686792794585765930
24 0382951305848981038998
25 7144977731734610678151
26 4159911543798741059468
27 2485896883018092807289
28 94865748355103447269
29 388780708041201722
30 023491954562277986
31 998789485327


GD Satta King is a type of betting game or a lottery game. People from all over India use this platform to play and win as it is the most renowned betting platform and provides the fastest results. In this game where we bet on numbers instead of any other commodity which makes it easier to play. It is a user-friendly betting game with many ways and many levels to bet and win. Using GD Satta King to play and win is one of the quickest ways to bring you real cash. Satta has its own lavish history. It is basically a luck-based game where the player draws or bets on a number between 00 to 99. Satta King has been one of the most played games for a long time due to its lucrative prize money regardless of the nature of the game.


Types Of Satta King

There are multiple ways to play satta king. Also it has different forms which differentiates itself from the other by using various names of Indian Cities or by the names of God.

Some majorly played satta king types are:-

These are a few Satta King types which are most famous all around. People these days prefer playing GD Satta King Online as compared to playing game in offline mode. These mentioned popular satta types are majorly played due to various factors such as fastest results, transparency in Online Results and other such factors. Be it Gali Satta or Disawar Satta, each Satta game has its own fixed result announcement time.


Playing Satta King to win is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring you real loads of cash. It is one of the easiest lottery games where the player does not have to put much effort to win, it is just based on luck. All it takes to win or to become Satta King is just a random number or a guess, or maybe your lucky number. What comes next is how to play or bet? There are two ways to play Satta i.e. Offline and Online.

Playing Satta King Offline

You need to first approach or contact the agent/ broker of your area. The agent/ broker is the mediator between people who play satta king or basically the gamblers and the game operators. These agents can prove to be the most important person from the perspective of the Satta Game.
***Also, every area has its own specific agent/ broker who deals between the gamblers and the satta king game operators.
These Agents collect money from gamblers from their specific area and send them to the Satta Game Operators. In addition to this, these agents also pass the important information related to the gamblers and all the necessary updates to the Game operators.
The agent is the person who tells the winning news to the gamblers/ players who guessed/ who has bet on the winning number. There are specific result time slots for the announcement of the winner for each type of Satta King game. Once the number you choose or bet upon gets selected as the winning number, you become the Satta King of the day. The agent will then collect the winning amount from the Game operators and transfer it to the Winner player.
**So this is the whole process of how is GD Satta King played in offline mode, and all you need to do it to contact the agent/ broker of your specific area, guess a random number between 00 to 99, transfer the betting amount to the agent’s account, and patiently wait for the results of the type of Satta game you placed the bet upon.**

Playing Satta King Online

When you play Satta King Online, there are some advancements in the game. In offline mode, you approach the mediators but in online mode you don’t need to do so. Simply log on to your computers or mobile phones, choose the game and start playing. But before playing you need to enter your bank details and some other personal details to be eligible to pay. After then you need to update your wallet balance and then you are eligible to place a bet. Once you’ve updated your wallet balance, Select the number which you want to bet on between 00 to 99 and enter the betting amount. Once you’ve placed the bet, wait for the Satta Live Result to be announced. Once the Satta King Live Result Chart is out, you can check whether you’ve won or not by checking Satta Chart Live.
If you win the game, you win the amount which is *90 of the amount you placed a bet with. **Also we advise people to place the bet with the amount one can afford to lose, because if you don’t win, then you lose the whole amount. As this game is totally based on luck and no tricks. The different types of satta games have different time zones for the announcement of the satta live chart result. We provide all kind of Satta king Chart and results including Satta Gali Disawar Result, Faridabad Satta Chart, Disawar Satta Chart, Ghaziabad Satta Result Chart, Goldstar Satta Result and other Super Fast Satta Results. GD Satta is a globally renowned website for Satta Gali Disawar Result, Gali Disawar Live Result, Disawar Satta king Chart, Disawar Satta Chart, Gali Satta Chart and other such links.

These things are to be kept in mind while playing the game:

1. Uninterrupted Internet Connection (If the internet connection interrupts, chances are that you might lose the amount which you’ve placed bet on)

2. Your bank details are an essential factor while playing the satta game, as incase if you win, the winning amount will directly be transferred to your bank account, but in case if you lose, the bet amount will be automatically debited from your account.

3. You don’t need any partner to play Satta King, you can play it solo also at any hour of the day, as there is no specific time limit.

4. Day by day, the GD Satta is gaining popularity, and also it has helped many people to clear all their debts by winning in the game but this is totally based on luck. There are chances one may lose more money to the game as compared to what he has won.



What is Satta King And How to Play the Satta Game ?

Satta King Game is known for gambling & it is famous in India especially in the northern part of India. People play the satta game online and offline and Win Lots of Money. It depends on chosen numbers. In the Satta king game, people risk their money on chosen numbers from 00 to 99. A single number is drawn out of the pot. Whichever person's number was drawn out, He would win the prize and be known as Satta king. With its popularity, The game has reached the hearts of millions of people. While playing the satta game one can become rich and beggar at a time.

How do I get a Satta King Record Chart?

GD Satta, is a platform which provides all yearly and monthly Satta King Records Chart. Simply select the month and year from the search box & Records Chart will be on your screen.

Why is Satta King Popular in India?

The Satta King game has gained a large amount of popularity across the world especially in India. The game is famous with the name of Satta King and is also known for Satta Matka. Satta Matka or Satta simply means betting or gambling pot through which a number is drawn out. The numbers selected from 00 to 99, also known as gambling numbers. Which number is drawn out of the pot and whichever person's number wins the total prize and is called a ‘Satta King’. It looks like a very easy game so people tried their luck in the Satta King game to become rich.